Fundamental trampoline moves

Check out the trampoline moves videos. Do note that we only cover the basic moves online because we think that any moves of a greater difficulty than those presented here absolutely need a coach and we didn't want people trying them from our videos.

Practice routines

It is important to practice moves not just individually but also as part of routines which can include combinations of any number of moves. Routines that have been put together by someone else help to uncover weak areas in your technique - areas that you might avoid if you were to make routines up yourself. It is a good idea to video youself from both the side and the back during some sessions so that you can see what your coach is working on with you. It helps to keep your perception of what you are doing as close as possible to what you are actually doing. (Note that views from the back might be more useful than views from the front since you are looking at yourself from your point of view.)

If you're learning the basic moves why not try the practice routines suggested in our pdf of trampoline combinations.

Buying tips for trampolines

Choosing the right trampoline is one of the most important factors determining trampolining success or failure along with proper coaching. However, even the world's best coach would be unable to make a champion of you on the wrong choice of trampoline!

The first question to ask yourself is why are you getting a trampoline - for fun? or serious learning?

If it's just for a bit of a play around then an outdoor type is fine. For young kids too this can be fine - even just playing on a trampoline brings great benefits for co-ordination development. But for serious learning however, you would need a different type of trampoline - the professional type. These have a webbed surface and need to be set up indoors or on a very stable flat area outside with somewhere it can be stored after use to prevent weather damage. This type of trampoline tends to have completely different bounce characteristics to outdoor types.

Before buying your trampoline always consider how much space you have for it... if it's going to be a tight squeeze it's far safer NOT to get one because you should always have a clear space with crash mats around the side of a trampoline. Safety first.

What else, well - you can read more about professional trampolines and outdoor trampolines here.

Take time to make the right decision and above all - remember that cheap is not necessarily your best option! You don't want to take something cheap and then discover it's no good. I've even seen some cheaper trampolines which barely bounce at all - but again, maybe good for young kids.

Enjoy the site. Feel free to get in touch!


Trampoline Video

KUTC training video...

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Keele Uni Trampoline Video!

Note: right-clicking and downloading it might give smoother viewing quality.

I can't believe over 120,000 people have seen this little video - made on a few dark winter nights in uni halls... I initially made this video for "KUTC's" website (Keele Uni Trampolining Club). Sessions there were really fun! Do note that the email address given at the end of the video no longer exists but the KUTC web address does.